About Us


Tacobots is a First Lego League team from Fremont, CA coached by Sharad Ramachandran and Ambika Mago. The team was formed in the summer of 2015.

Story behind the name

Founding team members consisted of friends and siblings from 4th grade to 6th grade from MSJE. Each team member brought in their unique abilities adding to make an awesome team. They together added different flavors to the team, just like a taco is made that’s why they named ourselves TACOBOTS!

This year new members joined the team as the older teammates moved to FTC. they continue to add to the flavor of the team.

The team has worked hard for last few months on this year challenge “Animal Allies” During this time the team members learned to work as a team to accomplish something bigger than any single person can achieve.

For more info about us visit: http://www.tacobots.org/

Tacobots at the USS Hornet